Thursday, 6 August 2009


Thank God for His Word...

Know that God is on your side. With prayer and thanksgiving, make your request knowing to Him. "The secret of the LORD is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant."
Psalm 25:14 (NKJ).
  • Be Calm...
avoid stress;
Do not be anxious;
Avoid confusion;
Avoid Anxiety.

Bible Quote: Philippians 4:6, Ps. 71:1
  • Trust God...
Believe He has done it for you!

Ps. 35:1, 121:1 and 1st Peter 5:7

  • Wait upon the Lord...

Isaiah 40:31, Ps. 91:1.

  • Rejoice...
Philippians 4:4

Give testimonies for what God has done for you!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Do you know!

Believe it or not, my biggest excitement in life comes from seeing everyday people achieve their dreams and aspirations... over the last decade in the network marketing industry, I've been blessed to have been able to help countless people achieve full time incomes working from home...

Some of the happiest times in my life have come from being able to travel all over the world with some of them enjoying the fruits of our labor. I hope you'll decide right now that YOU will be one of the next success stories...


Okojie Okosa Cyril (Glossdot World Int.)
Success University



Change mindset!
A man took a decision, just like Matt Morris, President/Founder of Success University took five years ago to be self interdependent. He developed his mind to think right and the greatest key word for that expression is "Self Development." That made him what he is today! Is it a story... Na! factual, i don't think so, it is a decision he decide for himself to change the way of his life to stay out of living stagnantly and mediocrity in the rat race phenomenon to work from 8am - 6pm daily without having time for his families and friends. It happen to me and i took that same decision and stand by it to do the same Matt Morris did five years ago! the result is significance! The basement of questions actually is a clue to help you discover your worthwhile goals. See it this way, "The decisions you make today determine where you will be three to five years from now!, matt morris.
Ask yourself this...
1. Do you believe in YOurself?
2. Do you want to change the quality of your life?
3. Do you want to change the quality of your financial needs?
4. Do you want to have free time with friends and your families?
These objectives determine your decisions! If other people will decide for you. you rather change your mindself now to develop yourself spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.
We are not selling to make money, but to change your mindset. This is about self development. Self development is wealth, and when you are wealthy, you make money because you can see ahead, not only that beyond human imaginations.
You have to know this, when you build yourself, you will also have instant access to over 50 of the most FAMOUS and successfully EXPERTS! You as part of this significant success,
Brain Tracy, Jim Rohn, Les Brown and other motivated
speakers to mention a few, will teach, lecture and educate you to bring out the best qualities of leadership in you as well as others. This is the most impartation ever unveil, in the surface of global discovering of self, through mentoring and teamwork. The decisions you take right now will rather make you nor destroy your future. Be responsible for your decisions, your future depend on it. These speakers also made a decision to change their lives too, today they are mentoring thousands of others to become mentor to also mentor others globally. A decision to change is a choice that will rather improve you to greatness or rate you low to future regrets. Today! you have the chance to choose right. the impartation from these instructors is to help you. "I want to be interindependent" i want to be financially free! I want to have time to schedule my own program without anyone giving me order to the detriment of my own will, what do you want?
A procastinator is always a man that takes control of his own will, others detect for them. But Success University make you decide for yourself to manifest your worthwhile desires to greatness.
Can i asked you a question?
Are you willing to make a change in your life?
Are you sure you have free time with your families and friends?
Do you have time to schedule your activities?
If you can answer this question rightly, you are significant, but if not, you are still in the rat race procedures where people decides your time for you! At SUCCESS UNIVERSITY, talents are discovered to bring out the hidden treasures in them.
I have to let this out! What kind of income do you seek to achieve in the comfort of your own?
Be part of the winning team: LEARN and EARN again and again!

Self development unlock the hidden treasures in YOU!

YOu are welcome to Success University... a sure way to promote your worthwhile goals - the pave way to prosperity and financial freedom.!
Ask yourself this question and give us feedback

Okojie Okosa Cyril (Glossdot World Int.)
Success University

Thanks for contacting Success University.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Big Brain, Big Gain

Mental Empowerment for Prosperity!

You need to understand
  • The plan...
WHAT will be done!

  • The purpose...
WHY it will be done!
  • The procedure...
HOW it will be done!
  • The people...
WHO will do it!
  • The place...
WHERE it will be done!
  • The program...
WHEN it will be done!

The deeper you think, the bigger your vision... your greatest asset is YOU. Don't give up all your good hope...put your brain to work! Your mental capacity has a message in you to be confidence! your gift will make a way for you. Pray and Think to God above...He will answer you to show you the unknown...

Monday, 26 January 2009

Human Relationship

Play Together!

  • As a team
  • Feel the pain of your opponent
  • Value the desire of your neigbour
  • Love the need, desire and value of another
  • Be friendly to help in times of others' need

"I do not know the key of success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody" Vince Lombadi"

"You cannot make any person feel important in your presence if you secretly feel that he is nobody" Les Gibion

"A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of Gall" - Abraham Lincoln

"Friendship flourishes at the fountain of forgiveness" - William A. Ward

"If some hurts you first, try to figure out whether that hurt was intentional or not, not every hurt is an attack". Rev. J.U. Osaigbovo

R + R - R = R + R

"Rules and regulations minus relationships equals to resentment and rebellion"

"Your Love, your care to share friendship, makes the world a better place" Okojie Okosa Cyril

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Power of Influence

Human Relations!

  • Speak to people
  • Smile to people
  • Call people by name
  • Be friendly and helpful
  • Be cordial
  • Have a genuine interest in people
  • Be generous with praise
  • Be considerate of the feeling of others
  • Be alert to give service
Listen to instruction...
Mediate on instruction,
Practice on it...
Act upon it....
manifest it to be influential.

Building practical human relationship, the need to influence people positively, an inbuilt gift to excel in whatever good you decide to do...
Okojie Okosa Cyril rephrase of John C. Maxwell notation.

be part of Success University

Monday, 19 January 2009

Change mindset

The key to success...
  • Do you want to have a Wealthy mindset...

  • Riches is what you have, wealth is who you are!

  • To be Successful is a worthwhile goal

  • Proficiency is a self worth...

  • Build your "Communication Skills" - the difference to achieve your goals
To promote your worthwhile goals, be part of Success... "

Do you want to change your way of thinking

  • You will never regret to increase your memory in a month...

Be successful, increase your wealth, Wealth to excel beyond your imaginations!!! Do you want to excel, Educate your mind to bring out the best in YOU!
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